New Research from Harvard University
The National Library of Medicine
Proves That You Can Boost Your Balance and
Bulletproof Your Body From Devastating Falls
with New Sturdi-Sense METHOD

The best part? It Only Takes 17 Minutes!
Dear friend,

Every Step You Take Each Day Puts You at Risk For a Life-Threatening Fall That Can Change Your Life Forever!

In fact, each year approximately 684,000 people die from falls - and over 37 million falls are severe enough to require medical attention!

In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that falls are currently the 2 nd leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide. 
And you could be next!
My name is Margaret, and I want to
share how my life changed  - in the blink of an eye!
I may not be as young as I used to be, but I certainly don’t consider myself old!

I live a healthy lifestyle. I exercise regularly. I am not overweight. I honestly never worried about the dangers of falling… UNTIL I FELL .

It was a day like any other. The weather was good. I was feeling great. I met some friends for brunch and picked up a few groceries.

I was walking to my car… and my shoe caught on a small crack in the parking lot. I immediately lost my balance and could not regain my stability. My bag went flying and I went down – HARD . My worst nightmare was happening. It felt like everything was happening in slow motion - and yet it truly was all over in the blink of an eye. One moment I was thinking about what I should make for dinner that night - and the next moment my body - and my world - came crashing down HARD . The pain was overwhelming. The shock was paralyzing.
But even worse, I was horribly embarrassed!
I wasn’t old, yet here I was on the ground like a helpless, rickety old woman.
Instantly tears came to my eyes - both from the searing pain and from the embarrassment.

A small crowd had gathered around me - some helping to gather my scattered groceries, others trying to help me to my feet, and others offering to call for medical help.

I sat helplessly as the voices around me turned into a blur and my emotions - and the pain overwhelmed me.
One Simple Fall RUINED MY LIFE For 8 Months

I lost my independence and had to rely on my family to drive me to appointments and take care of even minor household tasks.

I had to cancel countless social engagements and missed my usual outings with friends and family.

My worst nightmare came true.
I felt old and unstable and it almost killed me
I wasn’t sure if I would ever regain the quality of life I had enjoyed before this chance accident and I lived in constant fear.
Fear of never being able to do the things I enjoy again, like attending fitness classes, traveling, attending seniors’ dances, or simply walking around my neighborhood. I was worried that I would never be able to play with my grandkids again in the way that I wanted to - active and carefree! I felt anxious about the potential of never living pain-free again and worried constantly about the dangerous pain meds I was prescribed. I hated relying on my kids for rides to appointments and help with the simplest of household tasks. I hated canceling my social engagements. I was depressed about how much of a burden I was to my family and was horrified by the thought of losing my independence forever! Fear took over my life.
MOST OF ALL: I Was Scared That at Any Point, I Could Fall Again…
… and Next Time the Results Could be Deadly
After months spent in pain and feeling sorry for myself, imagine how I felt when my Physiotherapist told me:
All of This Could Have Been Avoided if I Had Taken Simple Steps to ‘Fall-Proof’ My Body
My physiotherapist went on to explain:

“Tripping and falling is inevitable at times. There will always be uneven pavement, an unseen obstacle, a stray cord, or a small child running underfoot. There may be times that a medication you’re taking makes you unsteady or general fatigue has you dragging your feet.

It happens to EVERYONE - and it WILL happen to you.”
So, If the risk of falling is always there, how could I protect myself? 
“The difference is how your body responds to these small stumbles. This can be the difference between a minor slip, where you slightly stumble and continue on with your day…

Or a dangerous fall that lands you in a hospital bed… or even worse… YOUR DEATHBED

So, how could I train my body to respond properly?
“It isn’t enough to exercise regularly. Regular exercise classes are not designed to improve balance and encourage stability. In fact, it’s the opposite - many of the exercise programs and classes available today are dangerous for older adults - and can create an even greater falling risk. It is the TYPE of exercises you’re doing that really makes the difference, and you need to do some research.”
So - What Are the Right Type of Exercises to Fall-Proof My Body?  How Could I Protect Myself?
I thought I had been doing all the right things. I had maintained a healthy lifestyle, watched my weight, and stayed active. I wore sensible footwear and avoided potentially risky environments whenever possible

Maybe you’ve done the same?

You thought you could do a few sit ups – do a few stretches, and you would be good to go.

You start going through some simple exercises at home using videos you found on Youtube.

You attend some beginner or Seniors fitness classes at your local Rec Center.

Maybe you bought an expensive membership at your local Yoga studio and attended classes regularly.
In my heart, I knew none of this could ‘fall proof’ my body and keep me safe.
I was at a loss - how could I protect myself? What could I do?

I was tired of pouring money down the drain on supposed solutions that simply did not help! I started looking for answers, and what I discovered has changed my life!
The Facts About Falling are STAGGERING!
The risks for older adults simply cannot be ignored. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), while everyone can, and likely will fall from time to time:

For Seniors, the data surrounding the dangers of falling is downright bleak!

  • The New York Times reports that 1 in 3 seniors will fall this year
  • Research from the University of Toronto shows that 2 out of 5 seniors with fractured hips will die within 6 months of their injury.
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention predicts 3 million older Americans will visit the E.R. for a fall this year… 300,000 of those will break their hip…
  • CBS News reports that each year, 29 million Americans fall … and that: “Older adult falls are increasing and, sadly, [causing] the end of independence” . And it’s getting worse…
This information scared me more than I can express. I couldn’t stop imagining the worst. Just the thought of losing my independence – or my life – had me rethinking everything I thought I knew about my personal safety!

I started with a simple question…
Why Do People Fall?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are more likely to happen when:

  • Vision problems
  • Vitamin D deficiencies
  • Use of different medications, both prescription and ‘over the counter’
  • Foot pain
  • Improper footwear
  • Issues with walking or balance
  • Potential hazards in the home, such as throw rugs, loose or uneven steps, unseen objects on the floor
  • Hazards outside the home, including icy or slippery surfaces, uneven pavement, crowded areas, unseen obstacles
BUT - The real reason people fall ISN’T a crack in the sidewalk, a child’s toy in the middle of the floor, or that careless pedestrian bumping into you in a crowd.

The real reason you are at risk ISN’T because you are careless, not paying attention, or distracted.
The REAL REASON you are at risk is your body’s inability to correct itself and  properly react to unforeseen situations that challenge your balance!!!
What I learned was surprising… but it made perfect sense!
The TRUTH is…

There will ALWAYS be cracks in the sidewalk or uneven pavement. There will ALWAYS be a toy or other unseen tripping hazard on the floor. There will ALWAYS be throw rugs and staircases in homes.

There will ALWAYS be thoughtless people bumping into you in crowds, stores, or walking down the street.

There will ALWAYS be times when your mind wanders and you aren’t 100% focused on your path.


You are human, and you live in the real world! It is impossible to eliminate all of these potential threats from your day-to-day life.
Many of the reasons people fall are UNAVOIDABLE - especially for older adults!
But what I COULD DO is - Make My Body Fall-Proof

And You Can Too!
Once I learned all this…
I made a list of what I needed:

  • I needed a proven program designed to boost balance, increase stability, and protect my safety
  • I needed to find a program that would help me reach my health and safety goals BUT was also easy enough for me to do
  • I needed to find a program that could fit into my busy schedule.
  • I needed to find a program that didn’t require expensive equipment.
  • I needed to find a program I could do from home
  • I needed a program that had been proven effective.
  • I needed a program that was designed by someone trustworthy.
Finally… After a lot of intensive research, I found the solution I was searching for! And the information that would change everything! The beginning of my journey to stability and safety started with the headline:
World-Renowned Exercise Experts Release Secret Weapon in  The Fight Against Debilitating Falls.
Secret weapon? What does that even mean? I went on to read more…
“The key to making your body fall-proof is
strengthening those specific muscles that are responsible for keeping you on your feet,
while simultaneously loosening the specific joints that improve your mobility.
You also need to challenge your sensory system to ‘train your brain’ to react quickly when your balance is challenged.”
“The sensory system detects when a person is losing balance. [This includes] receptors in muscles and joints that sense motion and pressure sensors in the soles of the feet.

All those sensory elements have to work properly for the brain to detect a loss of balance.

And when it does, it must process that information quickly to tell the muscles to stabilize the body by taking a step or grabbing an object for support.“
- Dr. Brian Maki, University of Toronto, Award-Winning Fall Researcher
This made so much sense to me! It wasn’t just about being stronger. It was about training my sensory muscles to quickly detect a loss of balance – and just as quickly adapt to protect me from falling!
The key to making your body fall-proof is a specialized form of
therapeutic  exercises referred to as:


Because if you’re not doing the CORRECT exercises
in the CORRECT order - nothing else matters.

You will still be at risk.
I needed to learn more about this new technique! I needed to learn more about Sturdi-Sense Yoga and how it could help protect me - and those I love - from falling.
And I discovered that the ONLY program available that uses the proven, therapeutic Sturdi-Sense yoga techniques to gently strengthen your muscles, stabilize your joints, increase your flexibility, protect you from falls, and ENSURE YOUR FUTURE INDEPENDENCE is called:
10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof
This program changed my life. It changed the lives of many of my friends. And it can change your life too . But don’t think I made my decision to try this program lightly! I did the research - saving my friends and people like you endless hours of work.

I did the research - and you can reap the benefits!

10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof is a system of gentle exercises designed to strengthen your stabilizing muscles and increase your mobility, essentially bulletproofing your body from falling. The entire routine takes less than 20 minutes to complete - and is easy enough for anyone to perform…

Regardless of age, physical ability, or previous exercise experience!
So, I decided to give the Sturdi-Sense yoga techniques in 10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof a try…

In the first week, I went through the program 2 times. I felt nervous and unsure of myself, but was able to easily follow the program. My muscles felt different - but not in a bad way. It felt good to be moving and I felt optimistic that I was making a difference.

In the second week, I did the program 3 times. I felt more confident and it took me less time to complete the routine. I was starting to feel stronger. Now that the program was more familiar, I looked forward to doing the program each day.
Today… I have never felt stronger, more flexible, more stable - or safer! This program CHANGED MY LIFE and it can change yours too.
Want even more great reasons to make your body fall-proof? Let me tell you more about this breakthrough program!
1. This program is reputable. You can TRUST the source!

Unfortunately, most exercise programs for body stabilization and injury prevention are designed by people who are unqualified . And truthfully, just being a physiotherapist or personal trainer, does NOT mean someone is qualified. In my research I discovered that there are countless programs being promoted by so-called ‘experts’ whose greatest qualification was their time spent in the gym.

Sure – this might be OK for someone who is simply looking to get fit or lose a few pounds. It might also work for someone who is looking to build strength or tone their muscles.

BUT – that wasn’t what I needed. I NEEDED BETTER .

I needed a proven program with real science behind it, that was designed by a trusted resource with years of experience. And this is why I decided to try 10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof .

This program was designed by 2 TRUE EXPERTS on Exercise Therapy, Body Mechanics, and Injury Recovery
Rick Kaselj, MS

  • Injury specialist with over 25 years of experience helping thousands of people across the globe eliminate pain and recover from injuries through exercises
  • Has conducted thousands of personal training, injury prevention, and pain-reduction sessions.
  • Has reviewed and carefully scrutinized hundreds of scientific and medical research papers and studies
  • Has been a practicing, Registered Kinesiologist for 25+ years
  • Spent 6 years at university studying Kinesiology, Corrective Exercise and Therapeutic Exercise
  • Master’s Degree in Exercise Science
  • Author and speaker who has given over 260 presentations to more than 5000 fitness professionals across Canada and USA
Rebecca Stanley

  • Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
  • Massage Therapy Diploma
  • Nutritional Therapy Certification
  • E-YRT-500 Yoga Alliance Certification in Therapeutic Yoga and Vinyasa
  • YRT-CE Certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider
  • Zero Gravity Yoga Certification
  • Lead trainer for Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Teacher Trainings
  • Pain Management Educator
  • 20 years of teaching experience
Seriously – with these 2 minds working together to create and deliver this program, how could I – or ANYONE go wrong? It simply doesn’t get better than this.

2. You can do this program at home! You don’t need a gym membership, special clothing, or expensive, and hard-to-find equipment.

What I learned when looking into the different programs out there is that many, if not all, included equipment that I did not have available to me! What? There was no way I would be able to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of equipment to do a program.

Even worse, some exercise therapy and injury recovery classes required that I attend in person , working directly with their trainers ($$$) in a city nowhere near where I lived… and I was unable to drive at the time!

Other programs used complicated equipment that I couldn’t even purchase for my home if I wanted to. To use this equipment, I would need to spend time in a local Yoga or Pilates studio. This simply wasn’t an option for me.

10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof:

  • Requires no expensive equipment – In fact, it requires NO equipment at all!
  • Requires no specific clothing – I didn’t need to make an expensive trip to my local Lululemon to complete the program or ‘look the part’.
  • Can EASILY be done from home – and YOUR HOME – at any time!
This was a very big deal in my world. I wasn’t in a financial position to purchase expensive clothing and equipment. I certainly was unable to commit to costly membership dues at a different gym or yoga studio. And I absolutely was not willing to travel for hours to work directly with a so-called expert.
3. This program was easy enough for me to do as I was recovering - and yet challenging enough to do once I had gained strength and confidence

This was definitely something I appreciated. You might ask how a program can be both easy and challenging. How can a program help you get started, but also be something you want to do in the future? I needed a program that I could start once I felt able… But I also needed a program that would challenge me along the way… and I’m sure that you do too!

10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof once again checks off this box.

This program was carefully designed by 2 leading experts in Exercise Science and Injury Recovery , so you can be confident that every consideration has been taken and every modification has been carefully presented to ensure that it fits the needs of both the beginner and experienced yoga enthusiast alike. In fact, 10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof:

  • Is easy enough for anyone to do, regardless of their age
  • Is safe enough for anyone to do, regardless of their physical abilities
  • Is simple enough for someone new to Yoga
  • Is challenging enough for individuals who practice Yoga regularly
  • Shares suggestions for making each exercise easier or more difficult, depending on your personal needs
  • Can easily be modified to be the ideal solution for you!
If this sounds too good to be true, I understand. Trust me when I say that I thought that too. So, this led me to my next discovery - what others had to say about the program.
4. I read the reviews and loved hearing how this program had changed the life of others like me and people like you.
By this point, I was 95% sure that this would be the solution to my worries. I truly believed that these trusted experts could provide me with a science-backed, proven program that would safeguard both me and those I love from nasty falls. I was confident that the exercises included in this program would be easy enough for me to do. I was ALMOST ready to give the program a try. BUT what kind of reviews has this program already received? Below are just a few of the comments I read.
“Who knew I was so wobbly? Anyone who wants to improve their balance or relieve stiffness/pain, or simply wants to gain flexibility can find something” - Elaine Patterson from Atlanta, GA
“Great for this 67 year young guy trapped in an old body. Not only can I do the routine, but the exercises seem to be helping a lot. Straightforward – nothing exotic – and even though some of the balance and flexibility exercises are challenging, they are all doable.” – Brian LaBeouf from St. Petersburg, FL
“After just a few weeks, I am much stronger, more graceful, and much more secure in my balance.” – Janice Pivovar from Tacoma, WA
“I never worried about falling – until I actually fell. Thankfully my injuries were minor that time, but I wasn’t going to be caught off-guard ever again. This program gave me the balance, stability, and confidence I needed.” – Kelly Marxman from Toronto, ON
“The most important gain has been in Mom’s balance and stability. She can now get out of her recliner easily, and she’s far more stable when she walks. We are both grateful for this program.” – Claudia Perledder from Midland, TX
Have you heard enough yet? Is it easy to see why I was willing to give this program a try? The qualifications of the creators coupled with the flexibility of the program made this an easy decision to make. This ground-breaking program ticked off all of the boxes on my wish list, and the more I learned, the more I wished I had discovered this program YEARS before - saving me the months of misery I suffered.

I’ve heard enough - I’m ready to try it for myself!
One time payment of $19.95
Buy Now
The reality is - If a devastating and life-threatening fall could happen to me - it can happen to you too!

So - how much are you willing to give up to keep yourself safe?

Are you willing to:

  • Give up your favorite shoes?
  • Never take medication?
  • Go through and pay for regular lab tests to determine Vitamin B levels?
  • Conduct regular reviews of your home environment, checking for any possible scenarios that could lead to a stumble?
  • Never leave your home?
Seriously – how realistic are these options? Especially when you consider what just 1 fall can cost you!
Average cost of 1 bottle of Tylenol (100 Gelcaps): $11.47
Average cost of ambulance transportation: $1,200
Average cost of hospital stay: $2,873/day
Average cost of doctor’s appointment: $100 - $200
Average cost of physiotherapy appointment: $30 - $400
Cost of losing your independence - or even your life IMMEASURABLE
To make matters worse, the Centers for Disease Control maintains:
“Direct medical costs include fees for hospital and nursing home care, doctors and other professional services, rehabilitation, community-based services, use of medical equipment, prescription drugs, and insurance processing. Direct costs do not account for the long-term effects of these injuries, such as disability, dependence on others, lost time from work and household duties, and reduced quality of life.”
But if you still aren’t convinced that this program can make you stronger, more stable, and save you from endless suffering - I am thrilled to share the best news yet!
100% Money Back Guarantee
Yes, I couldn’t believe it myself – the program comes with a 60 day,
no questions asked, 100% guarantee
With the purchase of the 10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof program, I received (and you will too) a 60-day, money back guarantee.

This means that if for any reason you aren’t 100% happy with this program… if you don’t feel stronger and safer… if you are unable to do any of the exercises… if you simply do not enjoy the program, they will refund every penny of your purchase – no questions asked!

I have never seen a guarantee like this anywhere else. What more could I possibly ask for?

10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof is the ONLY way to protect yourself and those you love. This is the only way to truly bulletproof your body.

I spent the time breaking down the research I did on this program to make me feel confident that this was the ONLY program I needed to safeguard my body and protect myself. Hopefully you can benefit from my hours spent on this ‘homework’.

Remember – the reason I had so much time to devote to research was because I was laid up with my injuries from a simple FALL! I was unable to go out with friends, do simple tasks at home, or DRIVE! I had way too much time on my hands. I was bored, anxious, and worried this could happen again.

This is hands-down the best program available, and the BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE TOWARDS YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY AND WELL-BEING.
I’ve heard enough - I’m ready to try it for myself!
One time payment of $19.95
Buy Now
If you, like me, understand the likelihood of falling

… and are concerned about your safety and the safety of your loved ones

… and are worried about the injuries that can result from even one single fall

… and like me, want to bulletproof your body and protect yourself from these dangers

Then you too, will want to try 10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof.
You might notice that I used the word ‘try’. That’s because of the money-back guarantee I shared above. You can TRY this program and see for yourself if it works for you. Your parents can TRY this program and see if it works for them. TRY this program and feel the difference in your balance, stability, flexibility, and confidence.
I’ve heard enough - I’m ready to try it for myself!
One time payment of $19.95
Buy Now
That’s right – it’s that simple. It’s that affordable. It’s that easy. It’s time to protect yourself and those you love.

In addition to safeguarding your body and protecting yourself from debilitating falls, this yoga program can:

  • Improve Your Strength, Balance, and Stability
  • Provide Back Pain Relief
  • Ease Arthritis Symptoms
  • Benefit Heart Health
  • Relax You and Help You Sleep Better
  • Energize You and Brighten Your Mood
  • Manage Stress
There is no doubt that Yoga offers countless physical and mental health benefits. And there is no shortage of information available on how Yoga can improve your day-to-day life. Some are even surprising!
So - Right Now You Have an Important…
but Easy Decision to Make
Choice 1

Do nothing. Close this screen and move on with your life. Maybe invest in a more sensible (and likely ugly) pair of shoes, avoid icy sidewalks and other possible obstacles, or even pay more attention to your surroundings. Decide to do nothing - and put yourself at risk for severe injuries, prolonged dependence on others, or even death with EVERY STEP YOU TAKE . Choose to do nothing, and accept the inevitability of falling and all of the consequences that means for your health, well-being, and independence.
Choice 2

Take control of your life and stop putting yourself at risk every single day. For less than the cost of 2 bottles of Advil, invest in your long-term health and safety and secure your independence. Simply try the therapeutic Sturdi-Sense yoga techniques used in 10 Yoga Poses to Make Your Body Fall-Proof . Feel the difference for yourself and feel confident knowing that you have taken active steps towards living a long, healthy, independent, and pain-free life. And do this all, risk-free with:
100% Money Back Guarantee
Yes, I couldn’t believe it myself – the program comes with a 60 day, 100% guarantee
I’ve heard enough - I’m ready to try it for myself! 
One time payment of $19.95
Buy Now
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